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canny (comparative cannier, superlative canniest)

  1. Careful, prudent, cautious.
    The politician gave a canny response to the reporter's questions.
  2. Knowing, shrewd, astute.
    The canny lawyer knew just how to get what he wanted.
  3. Frugal, thrifty.
    Synonyms: Thesaurus:frugal
    canny investments
    • 1751, Allan Ramsay, The Gentle Shepherd, in Poems by Allan Ramsay (1751 edition):
      Whate'er he wins, I'll guide with canny care.
  4. (Scotland, Northumbria) Pleasant, fair, favorable or agreeable to deal with.
    She's a canny lass hor like!
    • 1783, Robert Burns, "Green Grow the Rashes O", Songs and Ballads
      But gie me a cannie hour at e'en,
      My arms about my dearie O;
      An' warl'y cares, an' warl'y men,
      Mae a' gae tapsalteerie O!
  5. (Scotland, Northumbria) Gentle, quiet, steady.
    a canny horse
    be canny with this letter
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canny (not comparable)

  1. (Northumbria) Very, considerably; quite, rather.
    That's a canny big horse, man!
    a canny long journey
    canny near home
  2. (Scotland, Northumbria) Gently, quietly; carefully, skilfully.
    he sits very canny
    drive canny
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  1. (especially, of sound) Sounding as if it is coming through a tin can.
    • 1998 August 20, Kallel, Four speakers are a pain in the ass ;P, in 3dfx.products.voodoo2:
      The rear sounds sounded canny compared to the front ones. And you also have to adjust the volume so both pair of speakers are at the same level, […]
    • 2000 October 17, "Dreamin Man" (username), Lexicon MPX 100?, in, Usenet:
      I am using the stereo outs, I am getting nice reverb out of it but the probelm[sic] is the entire sound is like i said like its coming through a can. even when in bypass mode it sound "canny".
      Thank you for your input.
    • 2001 October 8, Philippe, Antwerp - what a disappointment !!!!, in, Usenet:
      I was approch. 3 meters from the stage and the sound was very good from there. But if you had seats way up at the sides or at the back I can understand that you could have experienced a "canny" sound.
    • 2006 March 23, "The Chris" (username), Re: Best Distortion Under $100, in alt.guitar, Usenet:
      The metal zone is too 'canny'.... Boss has a handful of great distortions - DS-1, Mega Distortion, DS-2, Heavy Metal....
    • 2010 May 24, [email protected], FlipHD Saturday SECTR5 LittleWing, in alt.guitar, Usenet:
      Not bad.. Although I think the 290 might have a slight edge on video crispness, I think the audio is better on the ultra HD. Hear more low end, and slightly less canny sounding from what I can tell.

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  1. Surname

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