• (British) IPA: /kə.ˈnɒn.ɪ.kl̩/


  1. Present in a canon, religious or otherwise.
    The Gospel of Luke is a canonical New Testament book.
  2. According to recognised or orthodox rules.
    The men played golf in the most canonical way, with no local rules.
  3. Stated or used in the most basic and straightforwardly applicable manner.
    the reduction of a linear substitution to its canonical form
  4. Prototypical.
  5. (religion) In conformity with canon law.
  6. (music) In the form of a canon.
  7. (religion) Of or pertaining to an ecclesiastical chapter
  8. (mathematics, computing) In canonical form.
  9. (mathematics) Distinguished among entities of its kind, so that it can be picked out in a way that does not depend on any arbitrary choices.
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canonical (plural canonicals)

  1. (Roman Catholicism) The formal robes of a priest
  2. (internet) A URL presented in canonical form.
    • 2015, Simon Kloostra, Joomla! 3 SEO and Performance (page 63)
      Google advises canonicals as one of the preferred methods of treating duplicate content in your CMS.

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