capstone (plural capstones)

  1. Any of the stones making up the top layer of a wall; a coping stone.
  2. (figurative) A crowning achievement, culmination or finishing touch.
    • 1904, Guy Wetmore Carryl, Far from the Maddening Girls, chapter 5
      “You see, I’ve never had a girl friend,” I added, by way of topping the obelisk of silliness with the capstone of fatuity.
    • 1969, NASA, The Post-Apollo Space Program: Directions for the Future
      Success of the Apollo program has been the capstone to a series of significant accomplishments for the United States in space in a broad spectrum of manned and unmanned exploration missions and in the application of space techniques for the benefit of man.
  • German: Mauerkronenstein
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capstone (capstones, present participle capstoning; past and past participle capstoned)

  1. (transitive) To complete as a crowning achievement; to top off.
    • 2012, Keith Brooke, Strange Divisions and Alien Territories (page 23)
      Capstoning a decade's worth of linked short stories, The Quiet War (2008) was a vivid and tense novel about a solar system sliding into conflict.
  2. (transitive, US, military, informal) To train in the Capstone Military Leadership Program.
    • 1981, Army Reserve Magazine (volumes 27-28, page 24)
      Capstoned” units are now able to train and plan in peacetime with the command with which they will fight in wartime.

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