• IPA: /kəˈɹiːn/

careen (careens, present participle careening; past and past participle careened)

  1. (nautical, transitive) To heave a ship down on one side so as to expose the other, in order to clean it of barnacles and weed, or to repair it below the water line.
  2. (nautical, intransitive) To tilt on one side.
  3. To lurch or sway violently from side to side.
  4. To tilt or lean while in motion. [from late 19th c.]
  5. (chiefly US) To career#Verb|career, to move rapidly straight ahead, to rush carelessly. [from at least early 20th c.]
  6. (chiefly US) To move swiftly and in an uncontrolled way.
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  • French: battre ou mettre en carène (of boat)
  • German: schlingern
  • Russian: шата́ться

careen (plural careens)

  1. (nautical) The position of a ship laid on one side.

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