• IPA: /ˈkɑːnɪvɔː/
  • IPA: /ˈkɑːɹ.nɪ.vɔɹ/

carnivore (plural carnivores)

  1. An organism that feeds chiefly on animals; an animal that feeds on meat as the main part of its diet.
    Synonyms: meat-eater, zoophage
    As juveniles the crocodiles are frequently predated by larger carnivores.
  2. (zoology) A mammal belonging to the order Carnivora.
    Synonyms: carnivoran
    The panda and the panther are both carnivores.
  3. (informal) A person who is not a vegetarian.
    Synonyms: meat-eater, meatarian, meatatarian, kreophagist, nonvegetarian
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Proper noun
  1. a computer system designed by the FBI to monitor e-mail and electronic communications

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