• enPR: kăʹstu̇wā IPA: /ˈkæ.stə.weɪ/

castaway (not comparable)

  1. Cast adrift or ashore; marooned.
    After the mutiny, the castaway ship's officers suffered a month at sea in the lifeboat.
  2. Shipwrecked.
    The storm left them castaway on an uninhabited island.
  3. Cast out; rejected or excluded from a group.

castaway (plural castaways)

  1. (nautical) A shipwrecked sailor.
    Robinson Crusoe was a famous fictional castaway.
  2. A discarded person or thing.
    This old coat was a castaway in someone's trash.
  3. An outcast; someone cast out of a group or society.
    These homeless people are society's castaways.
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  • Russian: вы́брошенный
  • German: Ausgestoßene
  • Russian: па́рия

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