• IPA: /ˌkævəˈlɪəɹ/


  1. Not caring enough about something important.
    • 2012, Barbara Seaman, ‎Laura Eldridge, Voices of the Women's Health Movement (volume 1)
      Such a cavalier attitude might seem to suggest that doctors consider the uterus as dispensable an organ as, say, an appendix—and some feminists have accused the medical profession of just such callousness […]
  2. High-spirited.
  3. Supercilious.
    Synonyms: haughty, disdainful, curt, brusque
  4. (historical) Of or pertaining to the party of King Charles I of England (1600–1649).
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  • Russian: ре́звый
  • French: cavalier
  • Russian: надме́нный

cavalier (plural cavaliers)

  1. (historical) A military man serving on horse, (chiefly) early modern cavalry officers who had abandoned the heavy armor of medieval knights.
  2. (historical) A gallant: a sprightly young dashing military man.
  3. A gentleman of the class of such officers, particularly:
    1. (historical) A courtesan or noble under Charles I of England, particularly a royalist partisan during the English Civil War which ended his reign.
      Antonyms: Roundhead
  4. (slang) Someone with an uncircumcised penis.
    Antonyms: roundhead
  5. (architecture) A defensive work rising from a bastion, etc., and overlooking the surrounding area.
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cavalier (cavaliers, present participle cavaliering; past and past participle cavaliered)

  1. (transitive, dated) Of a man: to act in a gallant and dashing manner toward (women).
    • 1863, Charles Cowden Clarke, Shakespeare-characters; Chiefly Those Subordinate (page 427)
      His social and kind nature is inferred from his cavaliering the ladies Percy and Mortimer, and introducing them, before their husbands depart for the war.
    • 1916, Good Housekeeping (volume 64, page 113)
      "I thought," Graeme burred at him, transfixing him with shrewd eyes, "that you were cavaliering the Italian girl, Beatrice Cenci or Vittoria Colonna or whatever her name is?"

Proper noun
  1. A small city/county seat in Pembina County, North Dakota.

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