• enPR: kəmē'lēən, IPA: /kəˈmiːlɪən/; enPR: kəmēl'yən, IPA: /kəˈmiːljən/

chameleon (plural chameleons)

  1. A small to mid-size reptile, of the family Chamaeleonidae, and one of the best known lizard families able to change color and project its long tongue.
  2. A person with inconstant behavior; one able to quickly adjust to new circumstances.
  3. (physics) A hypothetical scalar particle with a non-linear self-interaction, giving it an effective mass that depends on its environment: the presence of other fields.
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chameleon (not comparable)

  1. Describing something that changes color.
    The wall was covered with a chameleon paint.

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