• IPA: /ˈtʃæp.lɪn/

chaplain (plural chaplains)

  1. A member of a religious body (often, but not always, of the clergy) officially assigned to give pastoral care at an institution, group, private chapel, etc.
  2. A person without religious affiliation who carries out similar duties in a secular context.
  • French: aumônier, chapelain
  • German: Kaplan, Kaplanin, Seelsorger, Seelsorgerin, Gefängnisseelsorger (prison), Gefängnisseelsorgerin (prison), Krankenhausseelsorger (hospital), Krankenhausseelsorgerin (hospital)
  • Italian: cappellano
  • Portuguese: capelão
  • Russian: капелла́н
  • Spanish: capellán

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