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  • (RP) IPA: /ˈtʃæɹɪti/
  • (GA) IPA: /ˈtʃɛɹəti/


  1. (countable) An organization, the objective of which is to carry out a charitable purpose.
  2. (countable) The goods or money given to those in need.
  3. (uncountable) Benevolence to others less fortunate than ourselves; the providing of goods or money to those in need.
  4. In general, an attitude of kindness and understanding towards others, now especially suggesting generosity.
    • Judge thyself with the judgment of sincerity, and thou will judge others with the judgment of charity.
  5. (obsolete, Christianity) Christian love; representing God's love of man, man's love of God, or man's love of his fellow-men.
    Synonyms: agape
    • 1611, The Holy Bible, […] (King James Version), imprinted at London: By Robert Barker, […], OCLC 964384981 ↗, 1 Corinthians 13:4-5 ↗:
      Charity suffereth long, and is kind; charity envieth not; charity vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up, Doth not behave itself unseemly, seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil.
Synonyms Translations Translations Translations Translations
  • French: charité
  • Portuguese: caridade
  • Russian: благотвори́тельность
  • German: Wohltätigkeitsorganisation
  • Italian: ente di beneficenza, organizzazione benefica
  • Portuguese: instituição de caridade
  • Russian: благотвори́тельное о́бщество
  • Spanish: entidad benéfica, organización benéfica

Proper noun
  1. A female given name.
    • c. 1599–1602, William Shakespeare, “The Tragedie of Hamlet, Prince of Denmarke”, in Mr. William Shakespeares Comedies, Histories, & Tragedies: Published According to the True Originall Copies (First Folio), London: Printed by Isaac Iaggard, and Ed[ward] Blount, published 1623, OCLC 606515358 ↗, [Act IV, scene v]:
      By Gis and by Saint Charity, / Alack, and fie for shame!
    • 1851 November 13, Herman Melville, chapter 20, in Moby-Dick; or, The Whale, 1st American edition, New York, N.Y.: Harper & Brothers; London: Richard Bentley, OCLC 57395299 ↗:
      Never did any woman better deserve her name, which was Charity — Aunt Charity, as everybody called her. And like a sister of charity did this charitable Aunt Charity bustle about hither and thither, ready to turn her hand and heart to anything that promised to yield safety, comfort, and consolation to all on board a ship in which her beloved brother Bildad was concerned, and in which she herself owned a score or two of well-saved dollars.
    • 1989 Ann Oakley, The Men's Room, Atheneum 1989, ISBN 0689120508, page 223:
      Tessa giggled. 'What a dreadful name! Is she really called Charity?'
      'Yes. She really is.' Mark recalled how glorious the name of Charity had sounded to him in the beginning. 'It's not her fault she's called Charity,' he added defensively.
  2. The 107th sura (chapter) of the Qur'an.
Related terms Translations
  • Russian: Любовь
  • Spanish: Caridad

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