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chaste (comparative chaster, superlative chastest)

  1. abstain#Verb|Abstaining from immoral or unlawful sexual intercourse.
  2. Virginal, innocent, having had no sexual experience.
    • c. 1599–1602, William Shakespeare, The Tragicall Historie of Hamlet, Prince of Denmarke: […] (Second Quarto), London: Printed by I[ames] R[oberts] for N[icholas] L[ing] […], published 1604, OCLC 760858814 ↗, [Act I, scene iii] ↗:
      Then weigh#English|way what loſſe your honor may ſuſtaine / If with too credent eare you liſt his ſongs / Or looſe your hart, or your chaſt treaſure open / To his unmastered#English|vnmaſtred importunity.
  3. Austere, simple, undecorative.
    a chaste style in composition or art
  4. Decent, modest, morally pure.
    a chaste mind;  chaste eyes

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