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  1. (anatomy) The soft skin on each side of the face, below the eyes; the outer surface of the sides of the oral cavity.
    • 1596-97, William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice, Act III Scene 2
      There are some shrewd contents in yon same paper,
      That steals the colours from Bassanio's cheek:
      Some dear friend dead; else nothing in the world
      Could turn so much the constitution
      Of any constant man. What, worse and worse!— […]
  2. (anatomy, informal, usually, in the plural) The lower part of the buttocks that is often exposed beneath very brief underwear, swimwear, or extremely short shorts.
  3. (informal, uncountable) Impudence.
    You’ve got some cheek, asking me for money!
  4. (biology, informal) One of the genae, flat areas on the sides of a trilobite's cephalon.
  5. One of the pieces of a machine, or of timber or stonework, that form corresponding sides or a similar pair.
    the cheeks of a vice; the cheeks of a gun carriage
    1. (nautical) pump-cheek, pump-cheeks, a piece of wood cut out fork-shaped in which the brake is fastened by means of a bolt and can thus move around and move the upper box of the pump up and down
  6. (in plural) The branches of a bridle bit.
  7. Either side of an axehead.
  8. (metalworking) The middle section of a flask, made so that it can be moved laterally, to permit the removal of the pattern from the mould.
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  • French: potence de bringuebale
  • German: Mick, Pumpenmick
  • Italian: braccio, braccio della tromba
  • Portuguese: picota
  • Russian: мик
  • Spanish: picota

cheek (cheeks, present participle cheeking; past and past participle cheeked)

  1. To be impudent towards.
    • 1942, Emily Carr, The Book of Small, "Sunday,"
      We did not like him much because he kissed us and was preachy when we cheeked pretty Tallie, who did not rule over us as Dede did […]
    Don't cheek me, you little rascal!
  2. To pull a horse's head back toward the saddle using the cheek strap of the bridle.

Proper noun
  1. Surname

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