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  • (British, America) IPA: /ˈt͡ʃɛɹi/

cherry (plural cherries)

  1. A small fruit, usually red, black or yellow, with a smooth hard seed and a short hard stem.
  2. Prunus subg. Cerasus, trees or shrubs that bear cherries.
  3. The wood of a cherry tree.
  4. (color) Cherry red.
  5. (slang) Virginity, especially female virginity as embodied by a hymen.
  6. (graph theory) A subtree consisting of a node with exactly two leaves.
    • 2004, Suleyman Cenk Sahinalp, S Muthukrishnan, Ugur Dogrusoz, Combinatorial Pattern Matching
      Non-isomorphism is detected whenever the algorithm finds a cherry v_1 \in T_1
    • 2005, Lior Pachter, Bernd Sturmfels, Algebraic Statistics for Computational Biology
      Step 3: Output the tree T. The edge lengths of T are determined recursively: If (x,y) is a cherry connected to node z as in Step 2…
  7. (cricket) A cricket ball.
  8. Cherrytop.
  9. Burning tip of a cigarette.
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  1. Containing or having the taste of cherries.
  2. Of a bright red colour; cherry red.
  3. (informal, often, of cars) In excellent condition; mint condition.
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  • Russian: вишнёвый
  • Portuguese: cereja
  • Russian: вишнёвый

Proper noun
  1. A female given name, a pet form of Charity, also interpreted as a flower name.
    • 1844 Charles Dickens, Martin Chuzzlewit, Chapter 26:
      'As you knows Mrs Chuzzlewit, you knows, p’raps, what her chris’en name is?' Mrs Gamp observed.
      'Charity,' said Bailey.
      'That it ain’t!' cried Mrs Gamp.
      'Cherry, then,' said Bailey. 'Cherry's short for it. It’s all the same.'
  2. Surname

cherry (plural Cherries)

  1. (soccer) someone connected with AFC Bournemouth, as a fan, player, coach etc.

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