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chide (chides, present participle chiding; past chid, past participle chid)

  1. (transitive) To admonish in blame; to reproach angrily.
    • c. 1603–1604, William Shakespeare, The Tragœdy of Othello, the Moore of Venice. […] (First Quarto), London: Printed by N[icholas] O[kes] for Thomas Walkley, […], published 1622, OCLC 724111485 ↗, [Act II, scene i], page 24 ↗:
      I know too much: / I finde it, I; for when I ha liſt to ſleepe, / marry#Interjection|Mary, before your Ladiſhip I grant, / She puts her tongue alittle in her heart, / And chides with thinking.
  2. (intransitive, obsolete) To utter words of disapprobation and displeasure; to find fault; to contend angrily.
    • 1611, King James Version of the Bible, Book of Genesis 31:36,
      And Jacob was wroth, and chode with Laban: and Jacob answered and said to Laban, What is my trespass? what is my sin, that thou hast so hotly pursued after me?
  3. (ambitransitive) To make a clamorous noise; to chafe.
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