• IPA: /t͡ʃɪt/

chit (plural chits)

  1. A child or babe; a young, small, or insignificant person or animal.
    • “These are returns,” I said, “quite fit
      To me, who nursed you when a chit.
      For shame, lay by this envious art;
      Is this to act a sister's part?”
  2. A pert or sassy young person, especially a young woman.

chit (plural chits)

  1. The embryonic growing bud of a plant
    Synonyms: shoot, sprout, seedling
    the chits of Indian corn or of potatoes
  2. (obsolete) An excrescence on the body, as a wart or a pimple.
  • Russian: росто́к

chit (chits, present participle chitting; past and past participle chitted)

  1. (intransitive, British, dialect) To sprout; to shoot, as a seed or plant.
  2. (transitive, British, dialect) To damage the outer layers of a seed such as Lupinus or Sophora to assist germination.
  3. (transitive, British, dialect) To initiate sprouting of tubers, such as potatoes, by placing them in special environment, before planting into the soil.
  • French: piquer
  • Russian: прора́щивать клубень

chit (plural chits)

  1. (US and British dated) A small sheet or scrap of paper with a hand-written note as a reminder or personal message.
  2. A voucher or token coin used in payrolls under the truck system; scrip#Etymology_2|scrip.
  3. (pharmacology) A small sheet of paper on which is written a prescription to be filled; a scrip#Etymology_4|scrip.
  4. (gaming) A smaller cardboard counter generally used not to directly represent something but for another, more transient, purpose such as tracking or randomization.
    • 2005, The unofficial, updated Third Edition of the Magic Realm Rules, by Richard Hamblen, Teresa Michelsen and Stephen McKnight
      1.4.3 Also on the board, but turned face down at the beginning of the game, are chits representing treasure sites and sounds and warnings of monsters that may arrive on the map. When characters end a turn in the hex, these chits are revealed. As characters move around the board, more and more of these chits will be revealed, letting the players know where monsters and treasures are to be found.
  5. (India, China) A signed voucher or memorandum of a small debt, as for food and drinks at a club.
    • 1901, Falk, by Joseph Conrad
      He just longed to get away from here and try his luck somewhere else, but for the sake of his sister he hung on and on till he ran himself into debt over his ears—I can tell you. I, myself, could show a handful of his chits for meals and drinks in my drawer.
  6. (US, slang) A debt or favor owed in return for a prior loan or favor granted, especially a political favor.
    • 2007, New York Times,
      And he is cashing in chits for her that Mr. Gore, post-impeachment, never asked him to do.
    • 2003, Linda Fairstein, The Bone Vault, Scribner, p98:
      Harry would call in a chit with some desk manager who owed him a favor.
  • Russian: запи́ска
  • Russian: долг

chit (plural chits)

  1. A small tool used in cleaving laths. Compare: froe.
  • French: départoir

chit (uncountable)

  1. (US, slang, euphemistic) Shit.
  1. (US, slang, euphemistic) Shit.

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