• IPA: /ˈtʃɪvi/

chivy (plural chivies)

  1. Alternative form of chevy


  1. Alternative form of chevy
    • 1852 March – 1853 September, Charles Dickens, “Stop Him!”, in Bleak House, London: Bradbury and Evans, […], published 1853, OCLC 999756093 ↗, page 447 ↗:
      He wos allus willin fur to give me somethink he wos, though Mrs. Sangsby she was allus a chivying on me—like everybody everywheres.
    • 1889, A[rthur] Conan Doyle, “Of the Swordsman with the Brown Jacket”, in Micah Clarke: […], London: Longmans, Green, and Co […], OCLC 729680187 ↗, page 316 ↗:
      Odd's wouns! it was a proper hunt. Away went my gentlemen, whooping like madmen, with their coat skirts flapping in the breeze, chivying on the dogs and having a rare morning's sport.

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