• (British) IPA: /sɪˈkeɪ.də/, /sɪˈkɑː.də/, [sɪˈkʰeɪ̯.də], [sɪˈkʰɑː.də]
  • (America) IPA: /sɪˈkeɪ.də/, /sɪˈkɑ.də/, [sɪ̈ˈkʰeɪ̯.ɾə], [sɪ̈ˈkʰɑ.ɾə]

cicada (plural cicadas)

  1. Any of several insects in the superfamily Cicadoidea, with small eyes wide apart on the head and transparent well-veined wings.
    1. The periodical cicada.
  • French: cigale
  • German: Zikade
  • Italian: cicala
  • Portuguese: cigarra
  • Russian: цика́да
  • Spanish: chicharra (Latin America), cigarra (standard use in Mexico and Spain - Southern Mexico: chicharra), coyuyo (Northwestern Argentina)

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