• IPA: /klænˈdɛstɪn/, /ˈklændɪst(a)ɪn/, /ˈklændəst(a)ɪn/


  1. Done or kept in secret, sometimes to conceal an illicit or improper purpose.
    Synonyms: covert, furtive, hush-hush, secret, secretive, undercover, Thesaurus:covert
    clandestine military operations
    • 2004 — Penny Arcade
      In my imagination, all work place encounters between men and women result in clandestine sex.
    • 2005 — Stewart Lee, 90's Comedian DVD
      And I don't want anyone to think I dislike Catholicism because I don't. It's actually my favourite form of clandestine global evil.
  2. (freemasonry, of a person or lodge) Not recognized as a regular member.

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