• IPA: /ˈklaɪmɪt/

climate (plural climates)

  1. (obsolete) An area of the earth's surface between two parallels of latitude.
  2. (obsolete) A region of the Earth.
  3. The long-term manifestations of weather and other atmospheric conditions in a given area or country, now usually represented by the statistical summary of its weather conditions during a period long enough to ensure that representative values are obtained (generally 30 years).
  4. (figuratively) The context in general of a particular political, moral etc. situation.
    Industries that require a lot of fossil fuels are unlikely to be popular in the current political climate.
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climate (climates, present participle climating; past and past participle climated)

  1. (poetic, obsolete) To dwell.
    • 1610, William Shakespeare, The Winter's Tale, V. i. 169:
      The blessed gods / Purge all infection from our air whilst you / Do climate here!

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