• IPA: /ˈklɪpɪəs/

clypeus (plural clypei)

  1. (entomology) The shield-shaped front part of an insect's head or a spider's cephalothorax.
    • 1990: Cuisinart stuck a human eyelash to his clypeus with saliva, twisted it into a handlebar mustache, and greeted citizens as they arrived at the rim of the sink. — Daniel Evan Weiss, The Roaches Have No King (Serpent's Tail 2001, p.16)
    • 1996: When viewed from the front, the part of the carapace between the anterior eyes and the front edge of the carapace is called the clypeus. — Michael J. Roberts, Spiders of Britain and Northern Europe (Collins 1996, p. 14)
  • Portuguese: clípeo

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