• IPA: /ˈkɑtʃəˈni.əl/


  1. (entomology) A species of insect (Dactylopius coccus).
  2. A vivid red dye made from the bodies of cochineal insects.
    Synonyms: E120
  3. A vivid red color produced from dye made from the bodies of cochineal insects.
    • 2000, Leaves of Grass, by Mark Z. Danielewski, pg. 26
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  • French: cochenille
  • German: Cochenilleschildlaus, Cochenillelaus, Cochenille
  • Italian: cocciniglia
  • Portuguese: cochinilha, cochonilha
  • Russian: кошени́ль
  • Spanish: cochinilla
Translations Adjective

cochineal (not comparable)

  1. Possessing a vivid red color, as produced from dying with cochineal.
    • 1997, The Ethiopian Borderlands. Richard Pankhurst. 1997.
      The principal imports arriving by sea, then as previously, were textiles, among them coarse cotton cloth, known as Surat, the Indian port from which they were shipped, as well as blue cotton cloth and cochineal cloth called kemis
    • 1927, Breeze Hill News
      Batavus, of somewhat the same shade, was slightly taller, and perhaps with a little more cochineal color.

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