• IPA: /kəˈliːdʒi.ət/, /kəˈliːdʒət/


  1. Of, or relating to a college, or college students.
  2. Collegial.
Translations Noun

collegiate (plural collegiates)

  1. (Canada) another name for a high school (e.g. some high schools are called collegiates rather than high schools)
  2. (obsolete) A member of a college, a collegian; someone who has received a college education.
  3. (obsolete) A fellow-collegian; a colleague.
    • 1624, Democritus Junior [pseudonym; Robert Burton], The Anatomy of Melancholy: […], 2nd edition, Oxford, Oxfordshire: Printed by John Lichfield and James Short, for Henry Cripps, OCLC 54573970 ↗, partition II, section 2, member 4:
      those tables of artificial sines and tangents, not long since set out by mine old collegiate, good friend, and late fellow-student of Christ Church in Oxford, Mr. Edmund Gunter […].
  4. (slang) An inmate of a prison.

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