come again
  1. (idiomatic, informal, by ellipsis) A polite formula used when one has not heard or understood what has been said.
    Synonyms: Thesaurus:say again
    • 1955, Rex Stout, "When a Man Murders...", in Three Witnesses, October 1994 Bantam edition, ISBN 0553249592, page 120:
      "Who says he did?" / "Aubry." / "Yeah? A guy in for murder? Come again." / "Glad to. Beebe says so too."
Translations Verb
  1. (idiomatic) Used as a polite farewell to a visitor, inviting a return visit.
  • French: au plaisir
  • German: besuchen Sie uns gerne wieder, besuchen Sie uns baId wieder, kommen Sie bald wieder
  • Portuguese: volte sempre
  • Russian: приходи́те ещё
  • Spanish: será un placer volver a verle, vuelva pronto

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