• IPA: /ˈkɒmpətənt/


  1. Having sufficient skill, knowledge, ability, or qualifications.
    He is a competent skier and an expert snowboarder.
  2. (legal) Having jurisdiction or authority over a particular issue or question.
    For any disagreements arising from this contract, the competent court shall be the Springfield Circuit Court.
    judicial authority having competent jurisdiction
  3. Adequate for the purpose
    • 1662, Henry More, S An Antidote Against Atheism, Book II, A Collection of Several Philosophical Writings of Dr. Henry More, p. 67 ↗:
      For if they [birds] had been Viviparous, the burthen of their womb, if they had brought forth any competent number at a time, had been ſo big and heavy, that their wings would have failed them, and ſo every body would have had the wit to catch the Old one.
  4. (biology, of a cell wall) Permeable to foreign DNA.
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