• (RP) IPA: /ˌkɒmplɪ̈ˈmɛnt(ə)ɹi/
  • (GA) enPR kŏm'plĭ-mĕnʹtə-rē, IPA: /ˌkɑmplɪ̈ˈmɛnt(ə)ɹi/


  1. In the nature of a compliment.
    Antonyms: uncomplimentary
    a complimentary remark
    • 1877, August 25, Mark Twain, The Letters of Mark Twain, (Vol. 3, 2004, p. 56)
      But yesterday evening late, when Lewis arrived from down town he found his supper spread, and some presents of books there, with very complimentary writings on the fly-leaves, and certain very complimentary letters, and more or less greenbacks of dignified denomination pinned to those letters and fly-leaves...
  2. Free; provided at no charge.
    Synonyms: free of charge, Thesaurus:gratis
    complimentary drinks
    • 2005, Vivien Lougheed, Belize Pocket Adventures, p. 65.
      In the evenings, Ward and PJ offer guests a complimentary drink. This gesture seems to reinforce the hosts' desire to make everyone feel welcome.
  3. With respect to the closing of a letter, formal and professional.
    • 2003, Richard H. Beatty, The Perfect Cover Letter
      The complimentary closing is the word grouping used to bring the message or text to a close.
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