• IPA: /kənˈfɛkʃən/

confection (plural confections)

  1. A food item prepared very sweet, frequently decorated in fine detail, and often preserved with sugar, such as a candy, sweetmeat, fruit preserve, pastry, or cake.
    The table was covered with all sorts of tempting confections.
  2. The act or process of confecting; the process of making, compounding, or preparing something.
  3. The result of such a process; something made up or confected; a concoction.
    The defense attorney maintained that the charges were a confection of the local police.
  4. (dated) An artistic, musical, or literary work taken as frivolous, amusing, or contrived; a composition of a light nature.
  5. (dated) Something, such as a garment or a decoration, seen as very elaborate, delicate, or luxurious, usually also seen as impractical or non-utilitarian.
    • 2007, Susan Sizemore, Primal Desires
      She found a sexy, lacy confection in a lingerie drawer and quickly slipped into it.
  6. (pharmacology) A preparation of medicine sweetened with sugar, honey, syrup, or the like; an electuary.
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confection (confections, present participle confectioning; past and past participle confectioned)

  1. To make into a confection, prepare as a confection.

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