1. In the manner or style of a confession.
    • 1991, Manju Jain, A critical reading of the selected poems of T.S. Eliot (page 77)
      The studied reticence of the poems in quatrains is opposed to the more confessional aspects of the monologue.
  2. Officially practicing a particular religion, as a state or organization. See confessionalism 1.

confessional (plural confessionals)

  1. (Roman Catholic church) A small room where confession—the sacrament of reconciliation—is performed by a priest.
    Synonyms: confession booth
    • ca. 1909, Mark Twain, Letters from the Earth, Letter XI:
      The confessional's chief amusement has been seduction–in all the ages of the Church.
  2. A confession.
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