• (RP) IPA: /kənˈɡlɒm(ə)ɹət/
    • (GA) IPA: /kənˈɡlɑm(ə)ɹət/
  • Verb:
    • (RP) IPA: /kənˈɡlɒməɹeɪt/
    • (GA) IPA: /kənˈɡlɑməɹeɪt/

conglomerate (plural conglomerates)

  1. A cluster of heterogeneous things.
  2. (business) A corporation form#Verb|formed by the combination of several smaller corporations whose activities are unrelated to the corporation's primary activity.
  3. (geology) A rock#Noun|rock consisting of gravel or pebbles embed#Verb|embedded in a matrix.
    • 1869, Victor Hugo; [anonymous translator], “Chesil”, in The Man Who Laughs: In Two Volumes, volume I, international limited edition, Boston, Mass.: Estes and Lauriat Publishers, OCLC 746530511 ↗, part I (The Sea and the Night), book III (The Child in the Shadow), page 156 ↗:
      Calcareous lias, slate, and trap are still to be found there, rising from layers of conglomerate like teeth out of a gum. But the pickaxe has broken up and levelled those bristling, rugged peaks which were once the homes of the eagles.
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  1. cluster#Verb|Clustered together into a mass#Noun|mass.
    conglomerate flowers
    • 1627, [Francis Bacon], “III. Century. [Consent of Visibles, and Audibles.]”, in Sylua Syluarum: Or A Naturall Historie. In Ten Centuries. […], London: Published after the authors death, by VVilliam Rawley; printed by I[ohn] H[aviland and Augustine Mathewes] for William Lee […], OCLC 1044242069 ↗; Sylua Syluarum: Or A Naturall Historie. In Ten Centuries. […], 3rd edition, London: Published […] by VVilliam Rawley. Printed by J[ohn] H[aviland] for William Lee […], 1631, OCLC 1044372886 ↗, paragraph 267, [;view=1up;seq=87 page 69]:
      The Beames of Light, when they are multiplied and conglomerate, generate Heat; which is a different Action, from the Action of Sight: {{...}
  2. (geology) Composed of fragment#Noun|fragments of rock#Noun|rock, pebbles, or stone#Noun|stones cement#Verb|cemented together.

conglomerate (conglomerates, present participle conglomerating; past and past participle conglomerated)

  1. (transitive) To combine#Verb|combine together into a larger mass#Noun|mass.
  2. (transitive, business) To combine together into a larger corporation.

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