• IPA: /kəˈnɪp.ʃən/

conniption (plural conniptions)

  1. (informal) A fit of anger or panic; conniption fit.
    • 2001, Slipknot, "My Plague", Iowa.
      quote en
    When she came downstairs and saw what her children were eating, she had a conniption.
    ...threatened by the conniptions gripping Wall Street (Businessweek Oct.20, 2008)
  2. A fit of laughing; convulsion.
    The joke was not that funny, but he went into conniptions laughing.
Synonyms Translations
  • German: Anfall, hysterischer Anfall, Wutanfall
  • Russian: припа́док истерии
  • French: crise (f.) de fou-rire (m.)
  • German: Lachanfall

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