1. plural form of con
  • IPA: /ˈkɑnz/, /ˈkɑns/

cons (plural conses)

  1. (computing) A data structure in LISP that is a pair of pointers, car and cdr, used mainly for lists.
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cons (conses, present participle consing; past and past participle consed)

  1. (computing) To obtain a list from a cons or a nesting of conses; to prepend an element to a list by forming a cons of that element and the list; to obtain a list from a smaller one by repeated application of such kind of prepending.
    In addition to specifying the whole list at once using square brackets and commas, you can build them up piece by piece using the (:) operator. This process is often referred to as consing.WB
  1. third-person singular form of con

  1. plural form of CON

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