• IPA: /kɑnsæŋˈɡwɪni.əs/

consanguineous (not comparable)

  1. Related by birth; descended from the same parent or ancestor.
    Synonyms: consanguine, consanguineal, same-blooded
    Antonyms: affinal
    • 1601-02, William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night
      Am not I consanguineous? am I not of her blood?
    • 2002, B. Modell and A. Darr, "Science and society: genetic counselling and customary consanguineous marriage," Nature Reviews: Genetics, vol 3. no. 3 (Mar.), p. 225,
      Consanguineous marriage is customary in many societies, but leads to an increased birth prevalence of infants with severe recessive disorders.
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