contempt of court

contempt of court (uncountable)

  1. (legal, uncountable) Open disrespect for or willful disobedience of the authority of a court of law or legislative body, typically punishable by such sanctions as a fine or incarceration.
  2. (legal, countable) A particular act of open disrespect for or willful disobedience of the authority of a court of law.
    • 2011 Aug. 17, Lord Justice Hughes, "In the matter of W (a Child) ↗," England and Wales Court of Appeal (Civil Division) Decisions (retrieved 16 April 2014):
      For my part, I am quite satisfied that there may also be consecutive or successive contempts of court constituted by repeated omissions to comply with a mandatory order positively to do something.
    • 2012 Dec. 18, "People v. Veilleux ↗," Supreme Court of Michigan (retrieved 16 April 2014):
      When defendant committed the contempts of court at issue here, he was not at the time incarcerated in a penal or reformatory institution and he was not an escapee.
  3. (legal, countable) A court order which, in the context of a court trial or hearing, declares a person or organization to have disobeyed or been disrespectful of the court's authority.
    • 2010 July 6, "[ Press Releases: Ministry of Defence]," Press Information Bureau—Government of India (retrieved 16 April 2014):
      Certain reports have appeared in the media that the Hon’ble Delhi High Court has issued a contempt of Court against the Chief of Army Staff.
    • 2013 Feb. 19, "Stocks falter on profit-taking in telecoms ↗," Karachi Stock Exchange—Daily Market Trend (retrieved 16 April 2014):
      There have been unconfirmed reports that the Lahore High Court has issued a contempt of court to the telecom companies for charging higher rates to international incoming callers.
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  • French: outrage au tribunal, outrage à la cour
  • Russian: неуваже́ние к суду́
  • Spanish: desacato al tribunal, contumacia

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