• enPR: kən-tĭnʹyo͞o-əs, IPA: /kənˈtɪn.juː.əs/

continuous (not comparable)

  1. Without stopping; without a break, cessation, or interruption
    Synonyms: perpetual, nonstop
    a continuous current of electricity
    • 1847, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Evangeline: a tale of Acadie, Ticknor and Fields (1854), page 90:
      he can hear its continuous murmur
  2. Without intervening space; continued
    Synonyms: protracted, extended
    a continuous line of railroad
  3. (botany) Not deviating or varying from uniformity; not interrupted; not joined or articulated.
  4. (analysis, of a function) Such that, for every x in the domain, for each small open interval D about f(x), there's an interval containing x whose image is in D.
  5. (mathematics, more generally, of a function between two topological spaces) Such that each open set in the target space has an open preimage (in the domain space, with respect to the given function).
    Each continuous function from the real line to the rationals is constant, since the rationals are totally disconnected.
  6. (grammar) Expressing an ongoing action or state.
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