• IPA: /kənˈvɛnʃənl/


  1. Pertaining to a convention, as in following generally accepted principles, methods and behaviour.
  2. Ordinary, commonplace.
    They wear conventional clothes, eat conventional food, and keep conventional hours.
  3. Banal, trite, hackneyed, unoriginal or clichéd.
  4. (weapons) Pertaining to a weapon which is not a weapon of mass destruction.
  5. (agriculture) Making use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.
  6. (bridge) In accordance with a bidding convention, as opposed to a natural bid.
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conventional (plural conventionals)

  1. (finance) A conventional gilt-edged security, a kind of bond paying the holder a fixed cash payment (or coupon) every six months until maturity, at which point the holder receives the final payment and the return of the principal.

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