• IPA: /kəˈɹæl/, /kəˈɹɑːl/

corral (plural corrals)

  1. An enclosure for livestock, especially a circular one.
    We had a small corral out back where we kept our pet llama.
  2. An enclosure or area to concentrate a dispersed group.
    Please return the shopping carts to the corral.
  3. A circle of wagons, either for the purpose of trapping livestock, or for defense.
    The wagon train formed a corral to protect against Comanche attacks.
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corral (corrals, present participle corralling; past and past participle corralled)

  1. To capture or round up.
    The lawyer frantically tried to corral his notes as his briefcase fell open.
    Between us, we managed to corral the puppy in the kitchen.
  2. To place inside of a corral.
    After we corralled the last steer, we headed off to the chuck wagon for dinner.
  3. To make a circle of vehicles, as of wagons so as to form a corral.
    The cattle drivers corralled their wagons for the night.
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Proper noun
  1. Surname

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