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crate (plural crates)

  1. A large open box or basket, used especially to transport fragile goods. [from 1680s]
    Synonyms: packing case
  2. (slang, mildly, pejorative) A vehicle (car, aircraft, spacecraft, etc.) seen as unreliable.
    • 1936, Joseph R. James, "More Gates Air Circus Antics" (Popular Aviation, November 1936)
      They shook the head of the unconscious pilot and when the latter opened his eyes, blinking wildly, the other members of the family lifted up the tail of the overturned crate sufficiently high enough to enable the dazed pilot, after releasing his belt, to fall out of the cockpit head first and disengage himself from the crack-up.
    • 2010, Gillian Coleby, Knocking on the Moonlit Door (page 99)
      I will make this box of electronics and computer chips fly like no other spaceship has ever flown. Mission Control wanted to see what this crate could do.
  3. (programming) In the Rust programming language, a binary or library.
    • 2017, Jim Blandy, Jason Orendorff, Programming Rust: Fast, Safe Systems Development, "O'Reilly Media, Inc." (ISBN 9781491927250), page 166 ↗:
      And Rust never compiles modules separately, even if they're in separate files: when you build a Rust crate, you're recompiling all of its modules.
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crate (crates, present participle crating; past and past participle crated)

  1. (transitive) To put into a crate. [from 1871]
  2. (transitive) To keep in a crate.

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