• (British, America) IPA: /ˈkɹɪk.ɪt/

cricket (plural crickets)

  1. An insect in the order Orthoptera, especially family Gryllidae, that makes a chirping sound by rubbing its wing casings against combs on its hind legs.
    1. (US, slang, humorous, in the plural) In the form crickets: absolute silence; no communication.
  2. A wooden footstool.
  3. A signalling device used by soldiers in hostile territory to identify themselves to a friendly#Noun|friendly in low visibility conditions.
  4. A relatively small area of a roof constructed to divert water from a horizontal intersection of the roof with a chimney, wall, expansion joint or other projection.
Translations Noun

cricket (uncountable)

  1. (sports) A game played outdoors with bats and a ball between two teams of eleven, popular in England and many Commonwealth countries.
  2. (chiefly, British, usually in negative constructions) An act that is fair and sportsmanlike, derived from the sport.
    Antonyms: not cricket, unsportsmanlike
    That player's foul wasn't cricket!
Translations Translations Verb

cricket (crickets, present participle cricketing; past and past participle cricketed)

  1. (rare, intransitive) To play the game of cricket.
    • 1891 May 27, "A Cricketer in Low Circumstances", The Evening News (Sydney); cited in "What do we know about the first Test cricketer?", ESPNcricinfo ↗, 7 August 2016
      Judge: Your family is in destitute circumstances. How do you get your living?
      Bannerman: By cricketing, your Worship.

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