• (British) IPA: /kʌm/, [kʰʌm], enPR: kŭm
  • (America) IPA: /kʌm/, [kʰʌm], enPR: kŭm
  1. Used in indicating a thing with two roles, functions, or natures, or a thing that has changed from one to another.
    He built a bus-cum-greenhouse that made a bold statement, but the plants in it didn't live very long.
  1. But instead of being a salesperson cum barista cum waitress merely serving the wordsmiths, I'm one of them, reading her latest baby out loud.
Translations Noun

cum (uncountable)

  1. (slang, vulgar) Semen.
  2. (slang, vulgar) Female ejaculatory discharge.
  3. (slang, vulgar) An ejaculation.
Synonyms Translations Translations Verb

cum (cums, present participle cumming; past came, past participle came)

  1. (slang) To have an orgasm, to feel the sensation of an orgasm.
  2. (slang) To ejaculate.
Synonyms Translations Adjective

cum (not comparable)

  1. Clipping of cumulative#English|cumulative.

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