• IPA: /ˈkʌpkeɪk/

cupcake (plural cupcakes)

  1. A small cake baked in a paper container shaped like a cup, often with icing on top.
  2. (slang) An attractive young woman.
  3. (slang) A weak or effeminate man.
  4. (dated) Term of endearment
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  • Russian: красо́тка

cupcake (cupcakes, present participle cupcaking; past and past participle cupcaked)

  1. (slang, intransitive) To flirt; to talk or act amorously or intimately.
    • , Napkin Nights: The Crunk Chronicles
      Let's review the tale of the tape: My best friend is being held hostage, I boosted his ride and mobile, then cupcaked with a heater-packing widow-maker.

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