• (GA) IPA: /kɜɹsəɹ/, [ˈkʰɜ˞ sə˞]
  • (RP) IPA: /kɜɹsəɹ/, [ˈkʰɜː sə]

cursor (plural cursors)

  1. a part of any of several scientific instruments that moves back and forth to indicate a position
  2. (graphical user interface) a moving icon or other representation of the position of the pointing device
  3. (graphical user interface) an indicator, often a blinking line or bar, indicating where the next insertion or other edit will take place
    Synonyms: the caret
  4. (databases) a reference to a row of data in a table, which moves from row to row as data is retrieved by way of it
  5. (programming) a design pattern in object oriented methodology in which a collection is iterated uniformly
    Synonyms: the iterator pattern
Translations Translations Translations
  • German: Schreibmarke
  • Italian: puntatore, cursore
  • Russian: курсо́р
  • Russian: курсо́р
  • Russian: курсо́р

cursor (cursors, present participle cursoring; past and past participle cursored)

  1. (intransitive, computing) To navigate by means of the cursor keys.
    • 1990, InfoWorld (volume 12, number 22, 28 May 1990)
      The only other problem is that there's a nagging tendency for the highlight to overrun when cursoring through file lists.

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