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dad (plural dads)

  1. (informal) A father, a male parent.
    He hadn't seen his dad in years.
  2. (familiar) Used to address one's father
    Synonyms: dada, daddy, pa, Pa, papa, pop, , Pop, papá, papà, pappa, pater, paw
    Happy Father's Day, Dad!
  3. (slang) Used to address an older adult male
    Synonyms: daddio, pop, pops
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  • Russian: папа́ша

dad (plural dads)

  1. A lump or piece.
  2. A blow; act of striking something.

dad (dads, present participle dadding; past and past participle dadded)

  1. (transitive) To throw against something; to dash.

Pronunciation Proper noun
  1. (informal) One's father.
    Dad told me to go out and mow the lawn.
  1. (CD, media) A designation on prerecorded compact discs indicating that the contents were recorded in digital but mixed in analog before being mastered to a digital medium; compare AAD, ADD, DDD.
  2. (healthcare, medicine) Acronym of Diffuse Alveolar Damage

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