• (British) IPA: [ˈdɛsɪməɫ]
  • (America) IPA: /ˈdɛsɪməl/


  1. (countable) A number expressed in the base-ten system, (particularly) a fractional numeral written in this system.
    What is frac 7 as a decimal?
  2. (informal, uncountable) The decimal system itself.
  3. (informal) A decimal place.
    Pi has a value of 3.142, to three decimals.
  4. (informal) A decimal point.
Synonyms Antonyms Translations Adjective

decimal (not comparable)

  1. (arithmetic, computing) Concerning numbers expressed in decimal or mathematical calculations performed using decimal.
Synonyms Translations Verb

decimal (decimals, present participle decimaling; past and past participle decimaled)

  1. to represent with numbers after a decimal point
    • 1984 Robert William Dent, Proverbial Language in English Drama Exclusive of Shakespeare, 1495-1616: An Index ↗
      Single- decimaled entries, often originating in Whiting (Wh) or Wilson (OW; see p. 23, fn.3), are from SPL. To save space, examples cited in SPL are normally not repeated (examples therefore begin with "Add:"). Double- decimaled entries, again often based on Wh or OW, are "new."
    • 2001 Richard J. Harris A Primer of Multivariate Statistics ↗ page 54
      simplified, substantively interpretable versions of the optimal (but many-decimaled) linear combinations of your original variables
    • 2015 Brad Knickerbocker, [!-Let-s-have-some-pie It’s Pi Day! Let’s have some pie.] Christian Science Monitor
      So naturally, 3/14 – the 14th of March – is celebrated as “Pi Day.” And since 3.14 is the beginning, not the end of Pi – it can be decimaled on out to infinity – and since the next two numbers are 1 and 5 voila! today’s date 3/14/15 is really special.

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