• IPA: /ˈdiːpli/

deeply (comparative deeplier, superlative deepliest)

  1. At depth, in a deep#Adjective|deep way.
  2. To a deep extent.
  3. Profoundly.
    • 1849, [Alfred, Lord Tennyson], In Memoriam, London: Edward Moxon, […], published 1850, OCLC 3968433 ↗, canto CXXVII, page 199 ↗:
      Strange friend, past, present, and to be, / Loved deeplier, darklier understood; / Behold I dream a dream of good / And mingle all the world with thee.
Synonyms Translations Translations
  • Italian: in profondità
  • Russian: глубоко́
  • Spanish: a fondo

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