• enPR: dĕlʹĭ-gət, IPA: /ˈdɛlɪɡət/
  • enPR: dĕlʹĭ-gāt', IPA: /ˈdɛlɪˌɡeɪt/

delegate (plural delegates)

  1. a person authorized to act as representative for another; a deputy
  2. a representative at a conference, etc.
  3. (US) an appointed representative in some legislative bodies
  4. (computing) a type of variable storing a reference to a method with a particular signature, analogous to a function pointer
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delegate (delegates, present participle delegating; past and past participle delegated)

  1. to authorize someone to be a delegate
  2. to commit a task to someone, especially a subordinate
  3. (computing, Internet) (of a subdomain) to give away authority over a subdomain; to allow someone else to create sub-subdomains of a subdomain of one's own

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