• IPA: /dɪˈliːt/, /diˈliːt/, /dəˈliːt/

delete (deletes, present participle deleting; past and past participle deleted)

  1. To remove, get rid of or erase, especially written or printed material, or data on a computer or other device. [from 1600s]
    Synonyms: erase, clear, strike, terminate, remove, Thesaurus:delete
    Antonyms: insert, main
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delete (plural deletes)

  1. (computing) A deletion.
    • 2003, Jeffrey P. McManus, ‎Jackie Goldstein, ‎Kevin T. Price, Database Access with Visual Basic .NET (page 30)
      Cascading updates and cascading deletes are useful features of the SQL Server database engine.
    I lost the file when I accidentally hit delete.
  2. (recorded entertainment industry) A remainder of a music or video release.
  3. (uncountable) Alternative letter-case form of Delete#English|Delete


delete (plural deletes)

  1. A key that may be pressed to delete something (such as text or files) from a computer.

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