1. (biology) That lives near the bottom of a body of water.
    • 2004, Bjørn Erik Axelsen, Jens-Otto Krakstad, Graça Bauleth-D'Almeida, 7: Aggregation dynamics and behaviour of the Cape horse mackerel (Trahurus trachurus capensis) in the northern Benguela - implications for acoustic abundance estimation, Ussif Rashid Sumaila (editor), Namibia's Fisheries: Ecological, Economic, And Social Aspects, page 149 ↗,
      At a certain age, however, the Cape horse mackerel in the northern Benguela tend to adopt a more demersal lifestyle, thus entering into the bottom dead zone.
  • (living near the bottom of a body of water) benthic
  • (living near the bottom of a body of water) planktonic
Translations Noun

demersal (plural demersals)

  1. (biology) Any demersal organism.

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