• (British) IPA: /dɪˈnaɪ(j)əlɪst/

denialist (plural denialists)

  1. (derogatory) One who denies an assertion in a controversial debate.
    • 2004, The Sunday Times, November 21 ([,,2092-1367503,00.html online])
      The whole point of the TAC and other Aids activists is that the country can never deal with its Aids problem while the president is an Aids denialist, and while the government keeps putting back the timetable for providing ARVs.
    • 2005, The Cape Times 2005-03-11 (online ↗)
      The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has found in favour of the Treatment Action Campaign, which complained to it about an advertisement that was placed by a controversial German Aids denialist and which said, among other things, that anti-retrovirals were poisonous.
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  1. Relating to denial in a controversial debate.
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