• (British) IPA: /dɪˈɹɛfɹəns/

dereference (dereferences, present participle dereferencing; past and past participle dereferenced)

  1. (programming) To access the value or object located in a memory location stored in a pointer or another value interpreted as such; to access a value being referenced by something else.
    Attempting to dereference a null pointer often results in a crash.
  2. (computing, in operating systems derived from Unix) To operate on the file or directory pointed to by a symbolic link, rather than on the link itself.
    With the find command, any symbolic links appearing after -follow will be dereferenced.
    Synonyms: follow, resolve
  • French: déréférencer
  • Portuguese: desreferenciar
  • Russian: разыменовать
Translations Noun

dereference (plural dereferences)

  1. The act by which something is dereferenced.
    • 1999, Michael Barry Greenwald, Non-blocking synchronization and system design (page 77)
      Either each dereference must use a complicated DCAS protocol, or each pointer must include a version number that is managed on each modification and checked on each dereference, or storage management must be tightly coupled […]

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