• IPA: /ˈdɛɹəlɪkt/


  1. Abandoned, forsaken; given up by the natural owner or guardian; (of a ship) abandoned at sea, dilapidated, neglected; (of a spacecraft) abandoned in outer space.
    There was a derelict ship on the island.
    • The affections which these exposed or derelict children bear to their mothers, have no grounds of nature or assiduity but civility and opinion.
  2. Negligent in performing a duty.
  3. Lost; adrift; hence, wanting; careless; neglectful; unfaithful.
    • They easily prevailed, so as to seize upon the vacant, unoccupied, and derelict minds of his friends; and instantly they turned the vessel wholly out of the course of his policy.
    • A government which is either unable or unwilling to redress such wrongs is derelict to its highest duties.
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derelict (plural derelicts)

  1. Property abandoned by its former owner, especially a ship abandoned at sea.
  2. (dated) An abandoned or forsaken person; an outcast.
    • 1911 Arthur Conan Doyle, “The Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax” (Norton 2005, p.1364):
      A rather pathetic figure, the Lady Frances, a beautiful woman, still in fresh middle age, and yet, by a strange chance, the last derelict of what only twenty years ago was a goodly fleet.
  3. A homeless and/or jobless person; a person who is (perceived as) negligent in their personal affairs and hygiene. (This sense is a modern development of the preceding sense.)
    • 2002, in The Cambridge Edition of the Works of D. H. Lawrence, The Boy in the Bush, edited by Paul Eggert, page 22:
      If they're lazy derelicts and ne'er-do-wells she'll eat 'em up. But she's waiting for real men — British to the bone —
  • Italian: oggetto abbandonato, rifiuto
  • French: épave, navire abandonné (en mer)
  • German: aufgegeben-ein verlassenes Schiff
  • Italian: relitto
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  • Russian: отщепе́нец

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