• enPR: dĕskʹ-tŏp, IPA: /ˈdɛsktɒp/
  • (AU) IPA: [ˈdɛsk.ˌtɔp]
  • (British) IPA: [ˈdɛsk.ˌtɒp]
  • (America) IPA: [ˈdɛsk.ˌtɑp]

desktop (plural desktops)

  1. The top surface of a desk.
  2. (computing) A desktop computer.
    Laptops are often more expensive than desktops.
  3. (computing, GUI) The main graphical user interface of an operating system, usually displaying icons, windows and background wallpaper.
    I installed a new application and it added its icon to my desktop.
Related terms Translations
  • German: Schreibtischfläche
  • Portuguese: superfície da escrivaninha/carteira
  • Russian: столе́шница
  • Spanish: escritorio
Translations Translations Adjective

desktop (not comparable)

  1. Designed for use on a desk or similar piece of furniture.
  2. (computing) Of an application, designed to be run on a personal computer.

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